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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you along the process, we have answers to some of the more commonly asked questions our customers have had.


How do I obtain an e-voucher?

If you would like help to register or apply for an e-voucher, please contact us via our main contact page

Can I get another e-voucher?

E-Vouchers are typically limited to one per person per year. Contact with further e-voucher application questions or help with registration or logging onto the online application site.

Your Rx

How do I get my PD

You can either measure it yourself or use an Android App or an iPhone App to measure it for you.

How do I read my prescription?

Please review our helpful videos on how to read your prescription.

My prescription has no Cylinder or Axis

One of both of your eyes may not have a value for cylinder or axis. In that case, simply enter 0 as the value for these.

My prescription has an ADD

An ADD value typically indicates the need for bifocal lenses. If you wish to use this, select 'Bifocal' for your prescription type. It will be a line bifocal.

If you would rather have a pair of single vision lenses, select 'Single Vision' for the prescription type and ignore the ADD portion of the prescription.

My prescription has PRISM values

Select 'yes' for prism values, and enter the values as written on your prescription. Please take special care that you select the correct direction of the prism for each eye. If one eye has no value for prism, simply enter 0.

My prescription does not have PRISM values

This is normal, simply select 'No' for your 'prism values' on the ordering page.

The number on my prescription is higher than available for selection in the drop downs.

Unfortunately, this means that your prescription is out of the range we can process, and we cannot make eyewear in your prescription.

Placing an Order

What lenses are provided?

You will be provided with a pair of clear polycarbonate lens, in either a single vision or a lined bifocal, based on your selection.

Can I order a progressive lens?

No. Unfortunately, the program does not cover progressive lenses at this time.

Can I order a color-changing or tinted lens?

No, the program only covers clear lenses.

I have my own frame, can I use that?

No, the program only covers a set number of frames to ensure a smooth process for everyone involved.

Issues with your New Eyes glasses

I lost or broke my glasses, can I get a replacement?

No. We are unable to cover lost or damaged eyeglasses.

I don't like the frame I chose; can I get a new one?

We encourage everyone to take the time to be sure that the frame you select is the one you want and fits your face. We are unable to offer replacements of the eyeglasses due to a change in frame style.

I can't see out of my lenses.

Please verify that your prescription matches what was ordered. If an error was made in entering your prescription, we will be unable to replace any lenses. If your prescription does match what your ordered, please contact us to discuss your issue in more detail.

My lenses are scratched.

We are unable to replace lenses due to damage or scratching.

I received my glasses broken or damaged.

Please contact us to arrange a replacement.

My frame is defective or fell apart.

Sometimes a screw or weld in the frames will fail. If it has been less than a year since we sent you the eyewear, please contact us about a replacement. This only covers manufacturing defects in the frames, not other damage.

Order Times

How long does it take to process an order?

It typically takes 7-10 days to process your order and ship them out.

How long does shipping take?

We ship via USPS, which typically takes 5-7 business days to be delivered.

My tracking number says it was delivered, but I never received it.

Please check with your local post office if you are unable to find your package. If your package was returned to us, we will be in contact to arrange another delivery as soon as it arrives back at our office.