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PD Pupillary Distance Measurement

image of a set of eyes with a metric ruler overtop showing the distance between pupils

How to get your PD (Pupil Distance)

The best way to get it is to ask your eye care professional. Sometimes they won't be able to provide it, and you may have to measure it yourself.

The PD is the distance (in millimeters (mm)) between the center of your pupils (the black part in the middle).

For most Adults, this is between 54-66mm. For most children, this is between 41-53mm

Measure it Yourself

The easiest way to measure your own PD is to get someone to help you. You can have them hold up a ruler in front of your eyes, and measure the distance between them.

If you would prefer to do it yourself, you can use a mirror to measure yourself.

Use an App

You can use an Android App or an iPhone App to measure it for you.